Rise To Infamy

by Cowards

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Parisian quintet COWARDS have become an unrelenting force since their inception in 2012, imposing their ruthless blend of metallic hardcore and sludge over a couple of 12" releases and stages all across Europe. Only getting stronger and stronger as time passes by, the band now returns with their second album «Rise To Infamy». These ten tracks stand up as their most cohesive work, brutally combining the heritage of Holy Terror/H8000 inspired-hardcore with devastating sludge and black metal savagery.

Carrying a deep, oppressive urban coldness behind their spectacularly crushing wall of sound, the level of aggressivity spilled on «Rise To Infamy» is hard to endure. Everything has been managed to inflict maximum aural damage; once again recorded by Francis Caste at Sainte Marthe Studio in fall 2014, the band's monstrous tones sounds colder and more massive than ever. This is nothing but a monument of down-to-earth, unvarnished violence, punishing from start to finish.

Le quintet parisien COWARDS s'est imposé comme une force incessante depuis leur introduction en 2012, imposant leur mélange impitoyable de hardcore/metal et de sludge à coups de 12" et de concerts à travers l'Europe.
Le temps qui passe ne les rendant que plus forts, le groupe revient avec leur 2nd album "Rise To Infamy". Ces dix titres se révélants être leurs plus cohérents, combinant sans vergogne un héritage inspiré Holy Terror/H8000 avec la sauvagerie du black metal et du sludge.

Avec sa charge profondément urbaine, froide et oppressive, derrière un mur de son dévastateur, le niveau d'agressivité dégagé sur "Rise To Infamy" est difficilement supportable. Tout a été poussé au maximum pour infliger un maximum de dégât auditif; enregistré une fois de plus par Francis Caste au studio Sainte-Marthe à l'automne 2014, le son monstrueux du groupe est plus froid et massif que jamais. Ce n'est ni plus ni moins qu'un monument de pure violence, les pieds ancrés dans le bitume, sans concession du début à la fin.


released February 9, 2015

Rise To Infamy was recorded from september 30th to october 31st MMXIV at Studio Sainte-Marthe, Paris, with Francis Caste.
All songs written and performed by cowards.



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Cowards Paris, France

Parisian quintet COWARDS have become an unrelenting force since their inception in 2012, imposing their ruthless blend of metallic hardcore and sludge over a couple of 12" releases and stages all across Europe. Only getting stronger and stronger as time passes by, the band now returns with their second album «Rise To Infamy». These ten tracks stand up as their most cohesive work... ... more

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Track Name: Shame Along Shame
If There’s A Legacy To Revive
I’ll Pump It Right Up
To Kill It Over Again
And Get Drunk On Your Tears

I Speak To No One
But The One Inside You
But The One You Ignore
Dismissed With The Back Of My Hand

Aesthetics Of Contradiction
Shame Along Shame
Shapes Upon Shapes
Dismissed With The Back Of My Hand

You Keep Worrying About Tomorrow
When I’m Still Pissed About Yesterday

Come In With Your Eyes Opened
So You Think
Have A Sit, A Sip
Let You Leave With Your Mouth Closed

Neither In Darkness Nor In Light
A Shade Among Shades
Not The Best, Always Tight
Often The Worst And Still You’ll Pay
Track Name: Never To Shine
The Kings' Long Gone You Say
But What Good Is A Running King
When Cowardice Rules The Day
Behold The New Face Of Hate

Incantation Of The Streets
Burn Your World
So I Will Reveal Mine
Unpunished Deeds
Live With The Worms

Never To Shine Again

Older, Colder, Bolder
One Punch In The Face Closer To The Truth
Forever Colder, Forever Weaker

A Sidekick For Sore Eyes
Partners In Mockery
Traitors And Debauchery
My Own Personal Judas

My Own Personal Judas
Never To Shine
Track Name: Frustration (Is My Girl)
No Knife, No Gun
But Mark My Words
If It's Not Rough There Is No Fun
Frustration Has Always Been My Girl

She Makes Me Harder By The Minute
She'll Make You Sweat
Then Bathe In It
She Guides Me Through The Daze
Maze Of Need, Want, Junk & Fuck

No Laws But The Laws Of Love
Ones To Be Broken
Track Name: Beyond My Hands
No Hate For You
I've Seen Inside

Fuck Your World With A Smile
I Stand Alone
I Fuck Your World And Stand Alone
Arrogant And Cold

No Hate For You, I've Been Inside
And You Don't Exist
I May Be Cold But I'm Good At It
Loveless In Absolute

To Each His Own Refuge I
Refuse And Don't Resist
Don't Care To Look Beyond My Hands
I May Be Cold, I May Be Cold
My Fists My Fuse, Your Cysts Your Loss

To Each His Own Refuge
Refuse To Look Beyond My Hands

Loveless In Absolute

Blind To The Cold
Distressed To The World
Arrogant & Bold
Track Name: Birth Of The Sadistic Son
Yeah Right I Burned Your Temples Of Dirt
With A Lighter, House Of Ashes, Dirt To Dirt
Yeah Sure, I Filled Your Throat With Hurt
With A Caress, Keep Opening Wide

No More Of The Broken Plagues
Gone Are The Wretched
To Hell With The Broken Plagues
Ghost Masses Of Yesterday

You'll Fit It In
In The End
Fit It All In
Like You Wish, Like I Care

Dick Your Lives
Embrace True Love
And Smile Forever

No Second Helping
You'd Think I'm Your Enemy
But Deep Down You're Mine
And I Bide My Time

Citizen To Nowhere
I'll Mock My Way To The Top
Welcome To The Birth Of The Sadistic Son

Leave My Mark
Work Against The Greater Good
No Quest For Truth
No Satan, No Absolute

Sadistic Words
And Rusty Swords Manipulations
To Satisfy My Apetite For Your Self Destruction
You'll See Just How Easy Hate Is To Define
Track Name: Low Esteem
I've Worked It Out
To A Point Of Intoxication
Try And See A Path, Stick To It
When You Fail, And You Will
Praise For Self Destruction

It's Either You Or Me
But Us Both Ain't Gonna Cut It
And What's Better Than Me
Infamously Risen
I'll Reclaim Your Sacrifice

No Need For High Horses,
Hightower, Low Esteem
When You Can't Sit Straight
All You Have Is A Kick To Make My Day

A Lovely Nod Around Your Neck
No News, Good News
Good bye

It's Not In The Words That You Told Me
It's Those Swords Half Drawn
A Limp Fist For A Fuck Face

Cigarette Burns And I Will Take My Rest
Track Name: Anything But The Highroad
Anger As A Leader
My Usual Seer
Neither Man Nor Beast
A Bit Of Both

Waiting For The Dust To Burn
Keep An Eye Out For Anything
But The Highroad

Your Life's No Gift
Short Of A Pathetic Treasure
Buried In Trash

Anger As A Leader
My Usual Seer
Neither Animal Nor Man
Track Name: Wish For Infamy
Kill Pride, Hurt Feelings
Fight Against All Odds
Take No Minions, No Bride
Spite Against All Gods

Kill Pride

Shriek At The Ghosts Of Reality
With Due Dilligence, True Traitors
True Whore With A Dick In Cheek Stance
Struggling Not To Drown, With Insistance
Struggling Not To Drown In The Sea Of The Forgotten

You'll Never Love Me Better
Than When You Hate Me
Heart Of A Loner
Mind Of A Leader

Never Part Of The Twelve
Wish For Infamy
I'd Rather Shit Your Mouth
Than Have You Suck My Cock

No One To Be Led
Only Fools, Standing To Be Fed
Remember The Locust Has No King
Track Name: Bend The Knee
It's All On Display Behind Tepid Glass
Break The Rules Or Bend The Knee
Void This Play, Work Around The Game
Through The Backdoor, I Won't Come Knocking

I Don't Want You To Wake Up
I Only Wish You'd Sleep
No Apocaplypse
Ironic In It's Splendor

I Only Wish You'd Slip
In Those Traps I Laid Down
For You One Last Trip
Legs Wide Sewn

No Need For You
To Open Your Eyes
I've Been Reformed In Emptiness

Iconic In It's Splendor
Behind The Veil Of Your Eyes
Look Closer, It's Me You'll See
Hidden In Plain Sight

No Apocalypse
I Only Wish You'd Sleep
Void This Play
Break The Rules Or Bend The Knee
Track Name: So Easy
Not Even Two Minutes Of Abuse
And Already Broke
You Made It So Easy
A Bad Blood Transfusion
You Made It Easy
The More You Talk
The More We Walk

One Time Is All I Need
Just Once Wrap You Up
I See You Through And Through

You Lose, I Win, No Cred
No Remission
A Sad Nod Confusion

No Judge, No Jury
No Executioner
I'll Only Stand There
Keep Pointing Fingers

Take No Stance
I'll Let You All Dance
I'll Be Laughing Your Way To The Grave