Cowards Paris, France

Parisian quintet COWARDS have become an unrelenting force since their inception in 2012, imposing their ruthless blend of metallic hardcore and sludge over a couple of 12" releases and stages all across Europe. Only getting stronger and stronger as time passes by, the band now returns with their second album «Rise To Infamy». These ten tracks stand up as their most cohesive work... ... more

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Track Name: Still (Paris Most Nothing)
Still As Hoarse As Hoarse Can Be
Bills And Whores Are More Than Meat
Still Not In For No Fairy Tale
Count Me In For Cruelty In The Beats

Five Fifties For Two Thirties
Got Me Tons Of Blue Twenties
And So Many Times
Tens After Teens They All Taste The Same

And Still, Still As Still Can Be
Still Here, Still Pissed, Still Better
Still In Waiting
Still Hoarse With Still Whores
Until My Kingdom Comes
My Will Be Done

Throatruiner Tattooed On My Cock
Paris Most Nothing
Hunting For Praises And Ghosts
Cloaked In Ruins, Gravel And Rocks
Track Name: Empty Eyes Smiles
Welcome To Year Zero
Ground Nothing
Reinventing The Stills

Waiting On You To Pay My Bills
Piss Sells And Guess Who's Buying
Not Sure Whether There's More Than Meets The I
Not Sure Whether There's More Than Me In I

Stupid, Tepid
Can't Tell One From The Other
Cold But Erect
Bald And Direct

Empty Eyes' Smiles Is All I've Got For A Thousand Miles
And While I Lie, It's All You Have
And While I Lie
Southbound And High

Yes There's More Than Meets The Eye
But When You Can't Tell Wet From Dry
Why Would I Hold Tight
I'd Rather Leave Than Let Go
Track Name: Like Us (feat. Matthias Jungbluth)
Moving Like A Bird In A Small Room
Trying To Look Up, There's No Window

How Can You Feel Like us?
Approach The Fire, Now You Feel Like Us

You Can't Fly, Somebody Removed Your Feathers
And Made A Hat For Your Leaders

All The Space I Had Was Nothing More Than A Hole
A Vacuum Where My Soul Is Circling

All The Things You Asked For Were nothing After All
A Vacuum Where Your Soul Is Circling